Raev Rehearsal


concept + choreography Floor Van Leeuwen | concept + visual art Bambi van Balen, Tools for Action | social design Roberto Perèz Gayo | dance + activator of the ræving body Simomo Boujarra | dance Karlijn Roest | coregroup Daryl Grootfaam, Egle Duobaite, Tereza Nerad, Steven Kiers, Gina Borsje, Joumana Aljamal, Hannah, Margaret Dimitrova Terzieva, Tanit de Doesbach, Samuel van der Spek, Sylvie de Kubber, Stevie Kok, Loeki | sound design Maoyi P. Qui | DJs Maoyi P. Qui, Cheb Runner, Mary Brown, Sukubratz, Prudence, Phanom, Dance Divine | PR SasaHara | photography Dani Hefter - the Fox is Mine, Luca Giardini | social media Nigel Appelboom | 3d design Hermano Luz Rodriguez | interactive electronics Carolien Teunisse | light programming Jasper van Loenen | network Remko Kruize | produced by Tools for Action | supported by Theater Rotterdam, CBK, stichting Doen, Kickstart Cultuurfonds, Gemeente Rotterdam, Jurriaanse stichting | danced at Rotterdam Delfshaven, Oud - Charlois, Centrum, Noordereiland, De Esch; Amsterdam de Wallen (Failed Architecture), NDSM (ADE & NDSM); Brussels Molenbeek - Noordwijk (KAAI Theater), Vienna Center (Vienna MQ) |

During the lockdowns of the Covid-pandemic a group of 20 people gathered in Rotterdam to rehearse a new form of assembly. With Bluetooth speakers and a DJ they danced through the streets like a radiating swarm, reclaiming sociality. Stairs, roundabouts and benches became temporary stages. Each Friday night they opened their practice to new ‘rævers’, dancing with up to 75 people. By keeping 3 meters distance towards each body in space Ræv Rehearsal  proposed an addition to the lockdown rules, by focussing on physical distance and what kind of social proximity could emerge. 

‘Dancing through the city like a swarm, intuitively seeking direction, flocking together and then fanning out again. Feeling the contact with your body and eye contact with each other can transform the big individual ego into a humble part of the whole. Through the darkness of the city swirls the string of dancing, moving lights. The fun of dancing is contagious as everyone we meet during this rave smiles and looks amused.’


Script Raev Rehearsal

This text was the beginning of Raev Rehearsal. Through this text the choreographic groundrules and tools were shared to all participants in the beginning, in order to dance in Rotterdam during the pandemic. If you wish to use this text or parts of it, contact floorvanleeuwen@gmail.com.

A lee in the city at night. People are gathering and are handed out one of 100 JBL Flip 5 speakers, that are connected to the DJ’s phone. When we start, the group makes a big circle.


Hello welcome everyone to Raev Rehearsal. So nice that you are all here. We are here with the team (all Core teammembers waving) and DJ (insert name).  


Tonight we will dance the streets of (insert location), and dancing will be our way of moving. With each dance-step that you take, you transform that space into a space for dancing. We see this not to oppose the current Covid regulations but rather as an addition to the rules, since these rules are, or should be about physical distance, not social distance.

We will start with an introduction and warm up, dance through the city and eventually arrive back here for tea and an aftertalk. 

I will start with some practical information: 

You are holding a speaker in your hand, this is your club tonight, hold on to it untill the end.

With this we will dance through the streets. 

Dancing in public space is legal, but as a swarm we still need to negotiate our presence. We ask you to keep 3 meters distance from ALL people at ALL times. 

If police is around, you will hear this cue (song plays). When you hear this it means: police is here, no problems, keep dancing and FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC RULES. 

If police asks you questions always and ONLY say: im participating in a rehearsal, for more information talk to Floor. Can we all say that?


Im participating in a rehearsal, for more information talk to Floor.



Roberto is here tonight to care, with all of you, for the boundary of the swarm. If someone wants to join, or something is going on, you can go to them.

(name photographer) is here with us to make pictures, if you don't want that, please let them know and they will avoid you.

As you can see here we brought a cart with water, as we will be thirsty at some point. I want to ask all of us to make sure we bring this with us until the end.

Lastly -

We are here to dance, not talk, so if you REALLY need to say something, say it in TWO sentences.

We are here to enjoy ourselves, so, avoid confrontation and focus on your fun.

For the fun to start, here is Simomo !!!!

Music plays from here on.


Heeey everyone! Let’s play with the scales. We have two scales, the scale of volume and the scale of speed.

Lets start with volume, the volume your body takes Core makes big and small dancemovements.

If this is a 5 Core makes dancemovements that are comfortable in volume

Then this is a 10 Core makes dancemovements as big as possible

Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 10, Volume 3, Volume 2, Volume 1, Volume 5 (Everyone dances according to the scales mentioned)

Amazing! Now lets try Speed. If this is a 5 Core team moves at comfortable speed 

Then this is a 10 Core team moves as fast as possible

Shall we try it?

Speed 5, Speed 6, Speed 7, Speed 8, Speed 9, Speed 2, Speed 1 Group moves according to scales

Aamazing! Now lets combine the scales! Volume 1 Speed 8; Volume 10 Speed 1;

Simomo asks one of the participants: Which scale shall we do?

participant: Volume .. Speed ..

Simomo asks one of the participants: Which scale shall we do?

participant: Volume .. Speed ..

Simomo asks one of the participants: Which scale shall we do?

participant: Volume .. Speed ..


While we keep dancing, we add swarming. Start by moving around in this space. Imagine a magnetic field around you, of 3 meters. Make space for each other, find the open spaces. Negotiate where you will go, as you move along. Once we have looked each and everyone here in the eyes, the swarm takes off.

DJ starts their set.

After a while, Core team initiates take off, by moving in one direction from different places in the swarm. Once the swarm starts moving in a direction, the Core tries to join proposals from new swarmers as much as possible, making space for them to propose directions themselves. 


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